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Seller FAQ'S


1. Who can sell at

Ans:- You have to be a business entity to be able to sell on You could be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer/reseller, franchise holder or a distributor. You can also be professional artist/artisan or a trader who can do outstanding sourcing and excellent customer service. This way we ensure that only professionals and quality sellers come to

2. How and where do I sign-up to sell with XpertsBuy?

Ans:- You could visit us on and follow the easy step-by-step sign- up process. Please note that will first verify you before you could upload your products and get online with us.

3. What are the rules and policies at and where can I find them?

Ans:- We strongly encourage you the seller policies we have developed for sellers. You could find these on our website, at the footer in 'Policies' section. It is 'Policies for sellers'.

4. What is online store at

Ans:- It is where you get to upload your Apparels / Knit products onto our website through the seller panel. You will also be notified automatically as soon as your product gets sold.

5. How can I manage my products on online store at

Ans:- You will have your own username and password to administer your own account. Where you could check all the details about the products that you have uploaded, you can also edit any of the details about your products such as quantity, prices etc. You could access your seller account at any given time form anywhere by just using internet.

6. How can I upload my products in catalog?

Ans:- Uploading products is way easy on by using your seller account. We offer two options for uploading products. 1.) One-by-one 2.) Bulk upload by using a CSV file.

7. What all can I change or manage for my product listings at XpertsBuy?

Ans:- You can change anytime from anywhere your product description, price, quantity, discount offered, bundling etc. All this can be managed with your own username and password and via a PC, mobile of tablet.

8. What payment options do you offer?

Ans:- We offer all the popular online payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery etc.

9. What is required on sellers' end to accept payment?

Ans:- We process online payments on sellers behalf and send the money to seller after deducting our marketing fees. Sellers' do not have to deal with online payments as we take care of it. All we need from sellers is some banking and accounting information for us to set-up online bank transfer account.

10. When do I receive the money that I sell at

Ans:- We have a fortnightly (2 weekly) payment cycle. Every second Friday, money (order final value minus our marketing fees) will be electronically transferred for all Completed Orders occurred two weeks back, to your mentioned bank account.

11. Who is responsible for collecting and paying VAT/CST?

Ans:- Sellers are responsible of collecting and paying the accurate VAT/CST. only provides online portal and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. Merchant Selling Price should be inclusive of all taxes.

12. Who handles shipping?

Ans:- We provide sellers with all the packaging material. However, it is sellers' responsibility to pack the product accordingly and get it ready for our courier services to pick it.

13. How do I know the buyer has received the product?

Ans:- You can check the delivery status of all orders through your Seller Login. The information is provided under the 'Orders' tab.

14. How do I avoid getting lower Seller ratings or bad reviews from buyers?

Ans:- The key is to ensure that you provide high quality product with no wear/tear or damages. Also a means of good communication with customers and ensuring their satisfaction could keep you from bad reviews and lower seller ratings.

15. What is the return policy at XpertsBuy?

Ans:- XpertsBuy has its universal return policy for certain scenarios to build trust and ensure safety. In case of wrong color, wrong size, wrong quantity, manufacturing defects, not genuine product, not new product, or product significantly different than listing description, customer will be able to return an item to the seller within 14 days of the purchase for exchange or full refund including shipping charges . Refer to our Returns Policy Guidelines document for more details.

16. How are the returns managed?

Ans:- will ensure the reverse pick-up of the product.